Farm Vehicle Security

With the ever increasing problem of farm security we at OLIVERS have been looking for ways of helping you secure your wheeled vehicles

SecurityAt Olivers we have looked at this growing problem and we are now in the position to offer our customers a Vehicle immobiliser system which has been designed with our industry in mind. This system can be fitted quickly and easily to existing machines and will be offered on all new and second hand wheeled machines purchased.

The immobiliser utilises a Wireless key pad which is installed in the cab so as the end user has to key in a 4 digit code to enable the machine.

2 separate wireless blockers are used to give double protection preventing unwanted disabling and due to their small size make them easy to conceal.

If the keys are left in the ignition whilst the vehicle is left unattended the immobiliser still activates itself after 4 minutes thus minimising the risk of theft.

The immobiliser has been designed with our industry in mind so is robust and will endure the rigorous demands expected of our machinery.

Having an immobiliser system fitted to your vulnerable machines may enable you to get a reduction in your insurance premiums thus not only do you have the peace of mind that your machinery is secure you could be saving yourself money as well.

Please call James O'Dell for the cost of having this Immobiliser system fitted per machine. If 2 or more machines require a system fitting at the same site then a price reduction can be applied. 01582 727111

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